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For complete rebuild, maintenance and repairs of gearboxes, fans, blower units and most other commercial and industrial rotating equipment in Belleville and surrounding areas, rely on Emsco Ltd. Our team of talented mechanics can offer replacement parts from leading manufacturers like SEW Eurodrive, Nord Gear, Varvel, Motovario, SITI, Bonfiglioli and more. Our experienced technicians are also equipped with the latest equipment so that you always get high-grade services at better turnaround times.

We are the name people of Belleville trust when it comes to rotating equipment & gearbox repair services. Visit our gallery page to see our team in action. You can also call us to learn more about our services.

Professional Gearbox Repairs

With over 150 years of experience in the industry, we have the ability to repair and service all kinds of gearboxes. Whether welding, replacements, grinding, or machining of gearbox components, our team can handle everything.

Gearbox Repair Process

When you reach out to us for rotating equipment & gearbox repair in Belleville, this is the process we follow:

The first step is to perform a general inspection of the machine before we disassemble it. The inspection allows us to better understand the structural integrity and the overall interior and exterior health of the parts.
Disassembling the equipment
Next, we disassemble the gearbox down to the bearings to provide access to all the internal parts.
Analyzing the parts

Now, our technicians will thoroughly analyze all the parts to understand the root of the problem. We will also try to find what caused it so that you can avoid having such issues in the future.

Costing estimate

Once we have figured out the cause and roots of the issue, we prepare an estimate of the overall cost of repairs and the required replacement parts, which is then communicated to the clients.

Repairs and reassembly
After the client approves the cost of repairs, we begin our work. Once we complete the repairs, the gearbox is reassembled and prepared for delivery to the client.
Quality analysis
Now that all our processes have been completed, we perform a thorough quality check to ensure everything is working correctly and the gearbox is functioning as intended.

We can also perform maintenance services for your gearbox, allowing you to ensure better performance and longevity. Get in touch with us to know more about our gearbox repair services in Belleville.

Get the Most from Your Equipment

Our work is carried out by our time-served tradesmen, who are always up to date when it comes to the repair and machining of pumps, gearboxes and blowers.


We serve residential, commercial and industrial clients in eastern and western Ontario. Our large machine shop is ideal for handling any size or type of repair in conjunction with our sister company, Hewitt Brockville Limited. To help keep your process operating at peak efficiency, we provide an array of services, including:

Sub-arc shaft repair
Selective plating
Providing spares and rebuilds
Engineering of obsolete components

Importance of Timely Gearbox Repair

Timely gearbox repair is essential for ensuring the smooth functioning and longevity of your industrial equipment. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of addressing gearbox issues promptly:

  • Prevent costly breakdowns: Neglecting gearbox problems can lead to more severe issues, ultimately resulting in complete breakdowns. Timely repair and maintenance can help identify and resolve minor problems before they escalate into significant failures, saving you from costly repairs or replacements.

  • Optimal performance: A well-maintained gearbox operates at its peak efficiency, ensuring that your machinery functions smoothly and delivers the expected output. Timely repairs prevent performance degradation, allowing your equipment to run optimally and maintain productivity.

  • Minimize downtime: Gearbox failures can cause significant downtime in industrial operations, leading to production delays and financial losses. By addressing issues promptly, you can reduce downtime and keep your business running smoothly.

  • Safety assurance: Faulty gearboxes can pose safety risks to employees and machinery. Timely repairs help maintain the integrity of the gearbox, ensuring that it operates safely and reliably, minimizing the risk of accidents.

  • Prolong gearbox lifespan: Regular maintenance and timely repairs extend the lifespan of your gearbox. By addressing wear and tear promptly and using quality replacement parts, you can avoid premature gearbox failure and enhance its overall durability.

  • Improved energy efficiency: A malfunctioning gearbox can lead to energy wastage and increased operational costs. Properly repaired and maintained gearboxes operate efficiently, reducing energy consumption and contributing to cost savings.

  • Minimize secondary damage: In some cases, a faulty gearbox can cause damage to other components within the machinery. Timely repairs prevent secondary damage, keeping repair costs in check and streamlining the maintenance process.

  • Compliance with manufacturer recommendations: Gearbox manufacturers often provide guidelines for maintenance and repairs. Adhering to these recommendations not only ensures optimal performance but also maintains the gearbox's warranty coverage.

  • Expert diagnosis: Professional gearbox repair technicians have the expertise to accurately diagnose issues and determine the appropriate course of action. Their knowledge ensures that the proper repairs are carried out, avoiding unnecessary downtime and expenses.

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your gearbox is in excellent working condition provides peace of mind for business owners and operators. Timely repairs and maintenance allow you to focus on core business activities without worrying about equipment failures.

A timely gearbox repair is a proactive approach to safeguarding the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your industrial equipment. By partnering with experienced professionals from Emsco Ltd and staying vigilant about maintenance schedules, you can avoid costly breakdowns, enhance productivity, and ensure smooth operations in your facility. Contact us today to book our gearbox repair services in Belleville.

Preventive Maintenance and More

You can count on our team to predict when your equipment might need servicing. We provide predictive and preventive maintenance for all mechanical and electrical equipment. Our programs include:

Vibration analysis
Infrared studies on switchgear, motors, and mechanical equipment
Surge testing of motors and winding analysis

We also repair and replace pumps, gear reducers and hoists. Our pump and mechanical equipment repair services provide economical and benefit-driven solutions for clients from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. When you call us, you’ll see that we are reliable and respond rapidly to customer needs.

Choosing the Right Gearbox Repair Service Provider

When it comes to gearbox repair for your commercial or industrial equipment, choosing the right service provider is of utmost importance. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a gearbox repair company:

  • Experience and expertise: Look for a company with a proven track record and extensive experience in gearbox repairs. A team of skilled technicians with in-depth knowledge of various gearbox types and brands ensures that your equipment is in capable hands.

  • Quality of workmanship: Assess the company's reputation for delivering high-quality workmanship. Customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the level of service and satisfaction previous clients have experienced.

  • OEM parts and authorized repair: Ensure that the service provider uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for repairs. Authorized repair centers have access to genuine parts and follow manufacturer guidelines for repairs, preserving your gearbox's warranty coverage.

  • Turnaround time: Gearbox repairs can lead to downtime, impacting your business operations. Choose a company that emphasizes quick turnaround times without compromising on the quality of work.

  • Comprehensive services: Opt for a service provider that offers a wide range of gearbox services, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Having all services available under one roof ensures convenience and efficiency.

  • Advanced equipment: A reputable gearbox repair company invests in the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to accurately assess gearbox issues and perform precise repairs.

  • Safety standards: Gearbox repair involves working with machinery and electrical components. Ensure that the company adheres to strict safety standards and has protocols in place to protect its employees and clients.

  • Customer support: Excellent customer support is crucial throughout the repair process. A reliable service provider keeps you informed about the progress of repairs, answers your questions, and addresses any concerns promptly.

  • Transparent pricing: Request detailed estimates for gearbox repairs, including the cost of replacement parts and labour charges. A transparent pricing structure helps you make informed decisions about your repair investment.

  • Warranties and guarantees: Inquire about the warranties and guarantees offered by the gearbox repair company. A company confident in its workmanship will provide warranties on repairs and replacement parts.

  • Emergency services: Gearbox failures can happen unexpectedly. Look for a repair company that offers emergency repair services, ensuring that you can get your equipment back up and running quickly in critical situations.

By considering these factors, you can choose a reliable gearbox repair service provider like Emsco Ltd, which meets your specific needs and ensures the optimal performance of your industrial equipment. Remember that proactive gearbox maintenance and timely repairs can significantly extend the life of your gearboxes and contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of your operations. We also offer prompt pump repair services and are the go-to company for your industrial equipment servicing needs in Belleville.


For rotating equipment and gearbox repairs in Belleville, trust the professionals from our team.

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